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Car Shortage This Summer? Keep That Klunker!

Car Shortage this Summer?

This just in. The disaster in Japan has ensured that this summer there will be a car shortage in the USA. That means prices will be rising. Is that insane?

Car shortage in the USA? The very notion is so ridiculous as to be comical. Cherish the clunkers you own, my friends. Keep your local mechanic in good standing with their landlords. Moreover, there is nothing greener than keeping the car you have, even those with crappy MPG. It takes a lot more dinosaur bones to make a new Prius than it does to keep that old Nissan in your driveway.

This sunbleached beauty (the car, not the kid) has been in the same family since its birth in Japan, Inc. in 1988—about the same year the kid was born.

Old Redneck was first used by one family member and kept in a garage. She sold it to us for Blue Book (no bargains among family in our Scottish anscestory!) and we have driven it since. Two summers ago, we lent it to our nephew Christopher to help him get to and from school at Perimeter College. We vowed that after that, we would turn it in to the dump. No way! She won’t die! We still enjoy the $1800 AC we installed four summers ago, winter, spring, summer and fall!

Please, Chris, resume your payments and keep it! The cost has fallen to $1000.

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