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A Trip to Portland: It Only Gets Better

Dismal Nitch is the most appropriately named national park in America.


At Fort WTF, Oregon.


Earlier this month we visited Portland and Seattle. In Portland, we saw Sharon, Jay, Kate and Joey and loved our visit. We stayed with the marvelous Mr. Alladin in Kern neighborhood of Portland NE. What a great neighborhood… we ate great meals and took wonderful walks.



Good family man, good friend, good person: Jay.

One day we drove to Astoria — what a dump. But the scenery on the way was fantastic and we drove across the humongous bridge to see Dismal Nitch. Lewis & Clark had a really great sense of humor. Really. It was cold, rainy and dreary. The entire park consisted of a parking lot, a few covered picnic tables (the covers are useless when the rain is horizontal but, hey, it is called Dismal Nitch for a reason.

The Voodo Donut Shop

Picnic table at Dismal Nitch draws thousands every year.


Back in Portland, we took the bus a lot. We walked a lot. We enjoyed it all. We would live there in a minute. The weather, cold, wet? Not at all. With the Rose Festival Queen riding high (but, Gawd, doesn’t beauty count for something anymore?) we fought for a place in the Sweet Pot lines but loved that, too.


{Cher for a day on the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Drive}

Welcome to Portland on Burnside Bridge 2

Blonde Redhead Pole

At play with the shadow and light and the sun and the snow.

Multnomah Falls cross over bridge on Columbia River scenic drive.

Totally stole my heart: Kate.

Day Trip of Dreams: Columbia River Gorge Scenic Drive and our magic Ford Fiesta.

Loved defined

Show your teeth when you smile, Joey.

Snow in June at Mount Hood...God's A/C

Heaven on earth—Let me stay

A rare opportunity to catch up.

Welcome to Portland on Burnside Bridge 1

Coke building in NE Portland neighborhood of Kern.

One proud Uncle George.

Only 25 cents for a new perspective on life.





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