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The State of the Arts is Mighty Fine

Long, long ago, before Twits and Faceblobs, people showed their true colors and made social connections by putting bumper stickers on their notebooks and affinity plates on their cars.  Well, the tradition lives.

Bill Gignilliat showed up at my door this morning sporting his new GA Arts hat and polo shirt and the hot off the prison press license plates and bumper sticker. Designed by good friend Rory Myers of Rory Meyers Design (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) this new affinity tag is free to members who join for $20. That’s not expensive and the $$ go to help advocacy efforts to preserve and expand the state’s rich cultural traditions (from Otis Redding to Usher, from Gone with the Wind to The Help).  No one loves the arts in this state more than Bill—and it showed on his beaming mug this morning when he dropped these off for me.

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Born in Jax. Raised in ATL. Schooled at Druid Hills, UNC, Georgetown, Poynter Institute. Worked in DC, ATL, NYC, LA, BKK, back to NYC then ATL then SFO then back to ATL. Been here since 1996. Married to George 16 years. Three dogs, nice home, good friends. What more could a fellow ask for?

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