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Introducing Good Thinking of Atlanta

Good Thinking Atlanta volunteers put creative talents to good purpose for I Had a Dream AD William in Atlanta. Go here to see the campaign website, logo and photography we created to help this fine organization raise funds for the education of their dreamers.

Go see this video:

Good Thinking Atlanta: Creative Thinking for the Community Good from Matthew Porter on Vimeo.

The Best Things in Life are Free: Hartmut Jordan’s Handmade Yard Sign

We launched Good Thinking Atlanta this past November at a big blow out in our back yard. Our website is in progress. Our KICKSTARTER campaign will be launched in January. At the beginning of the year we will announce the next NPO we have agreed to rally to help.

What is Good Thinking Atlanta. Go see this little video created by Ryan Winsor.

Good Thinking, Inc. is an Atlanta-based volunteer creative service organization that provides communication tools to non-profits that serve women, children and education in sustainability. We draw volunteers from portfolio submissions representing every creative discipline in the city. Selected volunteers are asked to join professionally directed projects of tightly defined scope with schedules that do not exceed ten weeks duration. Volunteers meet talented peers, are exposed to senior leaders and gain the satisfaction of seeing their talent put into action for the community good.








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