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Chicago Is Not for Sissies

This is the theatre John Dillinger walked out of before G-Menapproached him from behind and executed him on the street. I loved Johnny Depp. Why would anyone do that. We wonder if the same show playing today was playing when …


A Trip to Portland: It Only Gets Better

Dismal Nitch is the most appropriately named national park in America.     Earlier this month we visited Portland and Seattle. In Portland, we saw Sharon, Jay, Kate and Joey and loved our visit. We stayed with the marvelous Mr. …


George Goodwin: 94 Years of Wit & Wisdom

Two masters. Photographer and Local Color Provider Ilia Varcev was with us this past Sunday to celebrate George Goodwin’s 94th. Here,¬†Varchev with George. Born June 20, 1917, George is a little frail of body but not of mind, ¬†a steel …


Car Shortage This Summer? Keep That Klunker!

Car Shortage this Summer? This just in. The disaster in Japan has ensured that this summer there will be a car shortage in the USA. That means prices will be rising. Is that insane? Car shortage in the USA? The …