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Tweet, Like, Text? Give Me a Hug at REUNION!

Like me, Friend me, Text me, Tweet me. How about give me a dman hug? Many of my favorite people on earth are coming to Design Family Reunion in August 30 ¬†(through September 2) at Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove, …


Car Shortage This Summer? Keep That Klunker!

Car Shortage this Summer? This just in. The disaster in Japan has ensured that this summer there will be a car shortage in the USA. That means prices will be rising. Is that insane? Car shortage in the USA? The …


Cold Ducks

These duck shots were shot by my nephews in Chicago in December. WTF were they thinking? Shouldn’t they have been in Costa Rica by then? Reckon high airfares kept them frozen in Lake Michigan in 2010?


Dog Gone It!

As spring heads towards summer and the time since Beau left this mortal dog walk, we miss him more and more. We can accept his death, but we do not have to like it. He was a special being to …

Mom In Thought

Hidden Strength

Mom passed away this past December after cancer reentered her life. She knew she would never go through chemo again. ¬†This photo was taken the weekend in September that I told her the Big C back. I said, “Mom here …