This once was a well. Now it is a circle of bricks filled with dirt. If you were thirsty and trusted this writer’s advice, you’d be pissed.¬†The copy writer meant well but, in their attempt to inform, misled their audience. Good writers inform (accurately) and delight (with accurate information).

When someone says, “send me a few samples,” I cringe. Why does anyone want to read someone else’s direct mail, brochure or annual report? How deadly! ¬†Instead, let’s talk about what you need and how I might be able to help. It is critical that we talk. Effective written communication begins with good conversation. Do we click? Do I understand you? Am I asking the right questions? Am I talking or listening? Is my hair combed and are my teeth clean? You know what you expect in a collaborator.

My job is simple: to communicate your message(s) to your target audience(s). If I can delight while informing (thank you, Milton Glaser), I add value. If I can’t, you find a writer who can.

The samples below suggest that I can write, inform and delight. Most importantly, the demonstrate that I can get out the way of a damn good story. It’s not about me.


Communication Arts
Aesthetic Apparatus Design, Minneapolis
Fredrik Broden, Photographer, Dallas
Gerard Dubois, Illustrator, Montreal
HendersonBroomsteadArt Design, Winston Salem

Huey Paprocki Advertising, Atlanta
Holly Lindem, Photographer, Dallas
House Industries, Yorklyn, DE
Kuhlman Leavitt Design, St. Louis
La Comunidad Advertising, Miami/Buenos Aires
Parish Kohanim, Photographer, Atlanta

TDDA Advertising, Boulder
ZIG Advertising, Toronto

STEP Inside Design


Boone Oakley Advertising, Charlotte
Fred Cisneros Design, Santa Fe
Clay Weiner, New York
Jack Kotz Photography, Santa Fe
Kohnke Hanneken Advertising, Milwaukee
Lorenc Yoo Design, Atlanta

Luba Lukova, Illustrator, Long Island City
Martha Rich, Illustrator, Pasadena
Modern Dog Design, Seattle
Paul Sahre Design, New York
SubPop Records, Seattle
Terry Marks Design, Seattle
UNO Advertising and Design, Minneapolis
Vivitiv Design, Seattle




Rate Book
Capabilities Guide
Direct Mail

Foundation Annual Report

Fulton County Arts Council


Strong Environmental
Sales Collateral

Easter Seals
Sales Collateral
Press Material



UPS WorldPort of UPS
UPS Quantum View
UPS SampleSure
Delivery Intercept from UPS
Swingshift Golf Clinics
Good Measure Meals